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Smart Safes

Ideal for Cash Intensive Businesses, Peregrin’s SmartSafe system uses Provisional Credit, reducing “float” time. Remarkably fast, secure, accurate and compact – it can be placed just about anywhere. And when coupled with our vault-cash services, it provides everything needed to move your business forward.


  • Increased Security: Quickly secure cash in our ½” UL291 Level 1 rated steel safe and dramatically reduce theft with error-free bill handling.

Compact smart safe
  • Saves Time: Spend less time counting cash, reconciling and transporting cash to the bank, and spend more time managing your business. Our SmartSafe system automatically counts, verifies and reports all bills deposited.

  • Faster Cash Flow: Funds are electronically deposited into your account and credited to your account in 24 hours or less.

  • Increases Efficiency: Combined with Peregrin’s ATM vault cash services, our SmartSafe system provides you with additional functionality and reduces costs.

  • Easily Scalable: Additional Safes can easily be added at new locations as your business grows.

  • Robust Reporting: A variety of reporting including detailed merchant reports, bank reports with daily transfers and cash-details and administrative reports showing status of each safe in your portfolio.

  • Instant Tracking: Deposit transaction and cash levels for 1-1,000 stores can be monitored and reported from a PC in a home office or from a smart phone.


With a variety of models available, Peregrin has a SmartSafe system that will meet the needs of any size business.

Coming Soon!

CeleraCash® Mini-Bank: A SmartSafe + ATM All-In-One

Download the CeleraCash® Mini-Bank Brochure [PDF]

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