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ATM Merchant Placement Options

Having an ATM in your business can be a game changer. Consumers shop at locations that provide convenient services and having an ATM in your business can increase profits, foot traffic and customer loyalty.


Peregrin is very adept at providing the exact solution you need – from installing hardware to providing a full managed services program.


Three available tiers allow you to pick the program that best benefits your needs:

  • Merchant Owned. Merchant Cash Loaded. For retailers that want to do it all and make the most revenue possible, Peregrin offers a variety of ATMs that will allow you to do just that.​

ATM in a bar or club
  • Merchant Owned. Peregrin Managed. For many retailers, maintenance, cash loading and daily operations are a financial burden. If you’re looking to maximize your operations while still earning revenue, this option may be the best choice for your business. You purchase the ATM and Peregrin does the rest. Services include transaction processing, cash replenishment, all maintenance and reporting.

  • Peregrin Owned. Peregrin Managed. ATM terminals need attention, whether it’s replenishing and balancing cash cassettes, fixing broken parts, processing transactions or upgrading hardware and software. Partnering with Peregrin to place an ATM in your business allows you to reap immediate benefits from increased foot traffic and increase purchases. This option allows you to reap the benefits of having an ATM in your business without any of the hassles of ATM management.

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