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Press Release: Portland Regional Government Selects Peregrin Financial Technologies to Provide ATMs

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

May 18, 2015

PORTLAND, OR — Metro, the regional government organization responsible for local growth and attractions, has partnered with Peregrin Financial Technologies to provide ATM services throughout the Portland metropolitan area for local residents and for out of town visitors. Peregrin is providing Metro with 18 ATMs along with vault cash, processing and maintenance services.

Metro previously owned and operated 14 ATMs. Peregrin replaced four of the ATMs with newer models and added four more at no extra cost to increase availability. Peregrin also upgraded the ATMs with faster communication capabilities to decrease transaction times and shorten lines during high-traffic periods. In addition, new highly-visible custom graphic screens – unique for each venue – add visibility and promotion for the ATMs at the Metro locations.

“We are happy to partner with Peregrin to provide ATM services to Portland metropolitan visitors,” said Tim Collier, Metro Finance Director. “Faster transactions and better ATMs conveniently put cash in the hands of visitors to the Portland area attractions such as the Oregon Zoo, the Oregon Convention Center, Portland’s Center for the Performing Arts and the Portland Expo Center.”

"By outsourcing their ATMs to Peregrin, Metro benefits with superior ATM services – reducing the organization’s operating expenses." says Peregrin Financial Services President Sam Bosch. "Metro is also spared the costs involved with ongoing regulatory compliance as Peregrin handles all hardware and software upgrades, including those for EMV-chip card readers."

ATMs at Metro locations provide over $5 million to visitors, many from out of state, to spend in the Portland metropolitan area. In addition, Metro receives a portion of the transaction fees – totaling close to $100,000 annually.


For more info about placing an ATM at your location, call 1-800-925-3266 or email us

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